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Crépuscule \ Button badge set [TWI 1228]

A set of 6 assorted button badges from Les Disques du Crépuscule produced in a limited edition of 100 copies in 2016, housed in a stickered polythene wallet with a bespoke postcard.

1. Crépuscule spiral logo (Benoît Hennebert)
2. Josef K (reproduction of 1981 original)
3. 23 Skidoo (Neville Brody logo)
4. Halte (TWI 032, reproduction of 1981 original)
5. Crépuscule Au Japon logo (Benoît Hennebert)
6. Les Panties

Numbered TWI 1228, the set is limited to 100 copies. A bundled version including the Factory Benelux badge set [FBN 121] is also available at a reduced price.

Crepuscule badge set
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