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Ultramarine \ Signals Into Space [TWI 1236 / CD]

Signals Into Space is a brand new studio album by acclaimed electronic duo Ultramarine. SIS is their seventh album, having made their debut on Crepuscule with Folk (TWI 894) back in 1990.

The new long player was conceived by Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond over a three year period and features four songs co-written with North American musician Anna Domino, a firm favourite of the group since her leftfield pop releases on Crepuscule and Factory in the 1980s. "For this project we wanted to do something more ambitious and perhaps more accessible than our last album in 2013," explains Paul. "We were keen to start collaborating with other musicians again, as well as develop our method of performance-based writing and recording, which is partly improvised."

Signals Into Space also features contributions from saxophonist Iain Ballamy (ECM, Food, Loose Tubes) and percussionist & vibraphone player Ric Elsworth. It was recorded and mixed in London with Andy Ramsay (Stereolab) and mastered by Noel Summerville.

"To some extent Signals Into Space is an escapist record," reveals Ian. "Our rehearsal space is a small windowless room on an industrial estate in Essex. Possibly as a result we ended up with a collection of visually suggestive tracks, conjuring mental images of cities, deserts and tropical islands, which gradually came into focus as Anna's lyrical ideas developed. So while the music might have been conceived in a closed space it's imbued with a positive spirit - looking outwards, seeking contact."

Cover art by Studio Heretic.

CD + 2xLP tracklist:

1. Elsewhere
2. Spark From Flint To Clay
3. Breathing
4. Arithmetic
5. If Not Now When?
6. $10 Heel
7. Du Sud
8. Equatorial Calms
9. Sleight of Hand
10. Framework
11. Cross Reference
12. Signals Into Space

Meditations CD (optional):

1. Meditation I
2. Meditation II

Available on CD, 2xLP and digital (MP3). For an additional 5.00 GBP you can also order companion CD Meditations (TWI 1243) featuring two longform ambient pieces. To order your preferred format please select correct shipping option and click on Add To Cart button below the cover image, or else contact LDDC by email for other payment options. RELEASE DATE JANUARY 2019

Signals Into Space [TWI 1236]
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"Anna Domino guests on pastoral techno duo Ultramarine's seventh album, their first in five years. Her words appear on the mundane account of daily life that is $10 Heel, where groovy lounge atmospherics and off-tune keys shimmy. Other tracks like Equatorial Calms, Du Sud and Framework are comparably trippy, in a similar vein to Zero 7's ambient acid jazz. Sometimes the music slips into a more uncanny strangeness, where narcotic and arrhythmic chime melodies stumble beside a noirish alto saxophone. The polyrhythms, vocal samples and queer keyboard patches of Breathing play out like swaggering stock music for a high-end hotel bathroom" (The Wire, 12/2019)

Meditations [TWI 1243]