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Crépuscule \ Sampler et Sans Reproche [TWI 1174/ FBN 113]

Sampler et Sans Reproche is a free sampler CD from Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux featuring new and rare tracks from our current releases in 2014/15, together with a few exclusives, and tracks from selected label friends. It's available free when you order two or more CDs, vinyls, teeshirts or card sets via our own mailorder service (ie two or more items in total). Please note - TWI 1174 will not available in the shops!


1. Marsheaux Ghost/Hammer (Mash Up)
2. Marnie The Hunter (Morris Mix)
3. Wrangler Modern World
4. A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water
5. Ultramarine Decoy Point
6. Harold Budd Jane 16 (For Pale Saints)
7. Blaine L. Reininger Atomium Sunrise
8. Paul Haig Four Dark Traps
9. Eric Random Knock Yourself Out
10. Section 25 Microgroove (Original Mix)
11. Pauline Murray Mr X
12. The Invisible Girls Wobby Bomack
13. Penelope Queen Silly Things
14. The Wake A Light Far Out

TWI 1174 is housed in a card wallet designed by Pascal Blua.

Sampler et Sans Reproche [FBN 113 / TWI 1174]
Sampler et Sans Reproche [FBN 113 / TWI 1174]